“The Cloudy Region Between Idea and Image”

“I sketch my ideas. My inner process of creation lies in the cloudy region between idea and image. From that region, my mind shapes image and form, and my hand obeys.” -Michelangelo Buonarroti During his career, Michelangelo mastered painting, architecture, and sculpture. Some of his most ambitious works fused all three. While I’ll never know […]

When SEO Kills Good Writing

Search engine optimization is a common and valuable goal among almost every professional who is serious about his or her web presence. We all want to be highly discoverable by people searching the web. But sometimes  SEO is an opponent of high-quality writing. Creative Titles Vs. Search Engine Bait I’ve always been a fan of […]

Get Smashed.

I wrote a new article that was published at Smashing Magazine this week. It’s called How to Create a Promotional Snail Mail Campaign. Check it out!

Logo Design: Conscious Meaning Versus Subconscious Meaning

Just like a good movie, a well-designed logo is capable of communicating on a variety of levels. In New York City, a simple stroll down the street carries with it a barrage of dozens – even hundreds – of logos. They all seek our attention, remind us of products or experiences, and ultimately, plant seeds […]

True Beauty.

David Pearson designed a series of fiercely beautiful book covers for Cormac McCarthy novels. I’m a huge McCarthy fan, having recently worked my way through the vast majority of his work. These covers use inventive, lovingly crafted typography to express a violence and beauty that the novels contain. They are the best typographic work I’ve […]

Planet Booty Shirt

I designed this ‘Booty Vision’ shirt (buy the shirt here) for my friends in Planet Booty, the band and performance spectacle by Germart. Germart is the art empire of the brothers Germick; you may remember Ryan Germick from my interview with him. His brothers Nate and Dylan perform as Planet Booty. The shirt portrays Dylan […]

I Fell in Love with a Ghoul

I haven’t been this crazy about a band since I was a Cobain-obsessed teenager. During the last month, my casual interest in early-80′s punk band The Misfits has mutated into a devilish craving. I’m a fiend. At first, I had written The Misfits off as just another low-fi thrashing experience, but then a series of […]