Brand Identity & Website Design: Social Security Works

I’m pleased to unveil an exciting project that I recently completed: a brand identity and website design for Social Security Works. Social Security, as most of us know, is an economic support system that has provided assistance to millions of Americans since its inception in 1935. Recently, some politicians have jeopardized the program by claiming […]

The Age of Miniature Design

“Basically the future of web design is gonna be on a little tiny screen.” -Google designer Ryan Germick It’s no secret that images need to reproduce at very small sizes in order to be effective online. And when I say ‘very small,’ I mean ‘the size of a pencil eraser.’ That’s freaking small. It’s always […]

Lighthouse Zine Project

I recently completed a zine-making project with the art class I teach for visually impaired teenagers at the Lighthouse International. A zine is a DIY homemade magazine. Our zines consist of drawings, writing, photocopied collage, Braille, and lots of John Mayer jokes.

Magnetic State on Facebook

Join Magnetic State on Facebook… or PERISH! The page is at In all seriousness, I’d love to see you there, and I hope to make the page an engaging and fun experience in addition to posting design updates. I held off from putting Magnetic State on Facebook until now because the world is glutted […]

Blog Redesign!

Note: this post refers to a WordPress theme that is no longer in use on this site. So… whaddaya think of the new digs? After I made some new decisions about how I plan to use this blog (I plan to use it more and bigger and better), I decided a redesign was necessary. Of […]

I Call Bullshit on the “Logo Design is Easy” Argument

During the last few weeks, some logo design pros have made casual remarks about how logo design is “not that hard to do.” It started with comments made by Pentagram partner Michael Bierut in this widely-circulated interview (I wrote about it here). Other designers have commented on it in their own blog posts, often acquiescing […]

Important Public Service Announcement