Logo and Website for Shannon Grey Williams

I am proud to present an awesome new project I just wrapped up: the logo design and responsive portfolio site for makeup artist Shannon Grey Williams. Visit shannongreywilliams.com Shannon’s logo reflects her love of royal and regal imagery (both monograms and crowns emerged from our research of historical references). Shannon’s request that we create something “historical […]

Booty Shirt

Last week, I received a bundle of Planet Booty loot including this shimmering, outrageous t-shirt I designed for the San Francisco funk purveyors and old friends. Nathan requested a ‘wireframe’ booty design to correspond with the geometry of their handmade disco ball booty. I designed the image and decided that it wouldn’t be complete without […]

Shocking True Tales!

My latest web page design for Women’s Health is probably my favorite; check it out at their site. The design is a faux tabloid inspired by Weekly World News (remember Batboy?). I even snuck the headline ‘Martians Invade Earth’ into the background.

The Ultimate Summer of Grilling

I made this ginormous grilling site for Men’s Health: The Ultimate Summer of Grilling. I designed everything from the banner to the Men’s Health ads, then wrote the code for all pages. Some pretty mouth-watering recipes on there.

“The King of New York Ultimate Kick-Ass Basketball Tat”

Back in 2009, a friend of mine asked me to illustrate a tattoo that he described as “The King of New York Ultimate Kick-Ass Basketball Tat.” I was shocked when he told me what he had in mind: he said that it would have a basketball wearing a crown as the centerpiece, and surrounding that […]