New Work

Over the weekend I launched a portfolio site for my great friend Sean ‘The Hutch’ Hutcheon. When you think of Sean, the first things that come to mind are his killer Don Draper impression and his berserker style on the drum kit, but you mustn’t forget that he is also a very talented photographer and […]

Danzig the Librarian

This brilliant gem of a video features legendary punk & metal frontman Glenn Danzig showing off his book collection, including a book of werewolf stories that are “all documented, all true” as well as a book containing “stuff that they ommitted from The Bible.” The shirtless bookworm giggles gleefully as he tells tales of Christ’s […]


While browsing the shelves of Photoplay today, my eyes were awestruck by the cover for the Criterion edition of Whit Stillman’s The Last Days of Disco. The gorgeous illustration is by Pierre Le-Tan. I’m not sure how he pulls off that insane cross-hatching look – is it the texture of the paper or is it […]


Welcome to the Magnetic State Blog Department! This blog is a component of the sparkling new portfolio site, which also officially launched today. Magnetic State continues to evolve and expand; later this year I will launch Magnetic State brand tequila-infused breakfast cereal (it’s called ‘Good Morning’) and also our line of combination hoverboard/time machines (still […]

Four of a Kind

Gun violence is evil but evil is one of the main ingredients of a good gangster movie. Recently, I noticed the use of a gun used as a letterform in the graphic design on a film package. I did a little brainstorming and a little research and quickly found several more that are all strikingly […]

Five Chapters Redesign

I am pleased to announce my redesign of literary website Five Chapters! I was asked to design the logo (shown above) and redesign the site, and the results went live at over the weekend. Five Chapters is an online magazine that publishes a new short story in five parts each week. As a fledgling […]

Interview: Photoplay Owner Michael Sayers

[Note: this interview was previously published at an earlier incarnation of this blog, and it was also featured on the New York Times’ City Room blog here. Many thanks to the editors.] Michael Sayers is the owner and manager of Photoplay Video & DVD, a movie rental and sales store located at 928 Manhattan Avenue […]