Interview: Supermundane

During my trip to London in mid-September, I was fortunate enough to interview the very talented artist Rob Lowe, also known as Supermundane. Rob is a man who loves to draw, who loves words, and who loves drawing words. ‘Supermundane’ is a word that Rob stumbled upon in a dictionary, and it spoke to him. […]

The Traffic Light Tree

This bizarre public sculpture is ‘The Traffic Light Tree’ by Pierre Vivant, and it is located near the Canary Wharf tube stop in London. It is in the middle of a ’roundabout’ (traffic circle) but apparently it doesn’t cause a ten-car pile-up every five minutes, as I might’ve guessed. It looks really eerie blinking in […]

Art Students in the Tate Modern, London

London Recap

So I recently returned from a trip to London which was an extraordinary experience. I will soon be publishing a feature-length article on London design in a great publication and I will also be publishing my interview with illustrator and designer Rob Lowe a.k.a Supermundane right here. Until then, I have compiled some of the […]

Hello, London

I will be in London from Tuesday until Sunday, and it’s one reason why this month has been an extraordinarily exciting one for me. I am a winner of the British Airways Face of Opportunity contest; I wrote a short essay about Magnetic State that was apparently well-received by BA’s judges panel. Those judges include, […]

Four Art & Design Quotes That Inspire

The following four quotes are words that pass through my mind very often, sometimes daily. They are statements that ring true to me, and I find them to be incredibly inspirational. I hope they might prove useful for you, too. “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide whether it’s […]

Most Badass

Is that the most badass thing you’ve ever laid your pair of peepers on or what? Skulls are the most overused symbol in rock and roll imagery, so I am always on the lookout for skull designs that are legit. This one is from a book called Uniforms and Accoutrements of the Imperial German Hussars […]