George Seurat: Harmonious Discord

On my first day in London last month, I spent an hour or two drawing George Seurat’s enormous oil painting Bathers in Asnières, which is housed in the National Gallery. I’ve included my sketch below Seurat’s masterpiece. Seurat (1859-1891) used an analytical, painstaking approach to color that made his canvases sing. He studied the physical […]

“Doing Well by Doing Good”

The ‘Party Werewolf’ t-shirt by Magnetic State is back by popular demand! The new edition of the shirt comes with a few improvements: it’s printed on high quality American Apparel garments, it’s got a small Magnetic State logo on the left sleeve, and best of all, %100 of the profits from sales of this shirt […]

What’s in an apple?

Yesterday, there was a big story about an apparent issue that Apple has taken over the apple-y logo of Australian supermarket Woolworth’s. The Huffington Post said “Apple Sues Woolworth’s” while Engadget said “it’s not a lawsuit… it’s just part of the process” of having your logo approved in Australia. Regardless of the legal nature of […]