Style and Standards

Please enjoy these profound excerpts from the rare 1963 book Graphic Design: Visual Comparisons by Alan Fletcher, Colin Forbes, and Bob Gill. These three men were design firm Fletcher/Forbes/Gill, which would eventually evolve into Pentagram. “Our thesis is that any one visual problem has an infinite number of solutions; that many of them are valid; […]

Save the Werewolves! I built a satirical website to promote the ‘Party Werewolf’ t-shirt (all profits benefit the World Wildlife Fund; read more about why in this blog post). The site is and it is an intentional violation of all that is sacred and holy in web and graphic design. My goal was to have fun, […]

The Scream of Nature

Everyone knows Edvard Munch’s 1893 work The Scream (there are actually several versions of the piece), but did you know that an earlier title for it was The Scream of Nature? The image becomes twice as disturbing when you hear the artist’s inspiration. Here is Munch’s description of the moment that inspired him: “I was […]

‘The Beauty of London in Design’

Exciting news! My article ‘The Beauty of London in Design’ was published at Smashing Magazine on Friday. This article is what I spent the majority of my time working on during my September trip to London, so I’m very happy to be able to share it. I hope you find the piece informative and inspiring! […]

The Fans!

Here’s a crew of Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers fans wearing the t-shirt I designed for the band’s album The Bear. So cool!

Exceptional Talents

As an art teacher who works with the visually impaired (I teach teenagers at the Lighthouse International in Midtown Manhattan), I have been interested to see several recent news stories about artists with visual and other impairments. Volvo has unveiled an ad campaign featuring the artwork of blind artist Eşref Armağan. CBS and the Huffington […]

Hair Drawings

Below are some of the preparatory drawings I did for a series of t-shirt designs I’ve been working on lately. Most of the drawings below are based on photos from my high school yearbook, but there is some famous hair in there, too. Can you spot the celebrity hair?