New Year’s Resolutions: The Year 2020

Recapitulate the whiz-bang knob on my holodeck Buy a new face for my iSexbot Dodge draft for military service in Machine Wars Make pilgrimage to recently unveiled Google product: Google Fountain of Youth Put Segway on Ebay Watch Cloned Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Buy new vinyl-only album releases by Pixies, Alice in Chains, […]

Highlights of 2009 at Magnetic State

At this time of year, I’m focused on my goals for 2010: a year of exciting potential, new designs, expanded skills, nefarious schemes, and the occasional overseas jaunt on my new private jet, Dan Force One. Nonetheless, here’s a quick look back at a truly thrilling 2009 at Magnetic State. In all honesty, it was […]

The Many Temptations of St. Anthony

This article is a compilation of artworks on a single theme: ‘The Temptation of St. Anthony,’ a narrative that has been imaginatively rendered by visual artists – from Bosch to Dalí – for centuries. According to Time, “In the 3rd Century, Saint Anthony the Egyptian renounced all worldly joys, went off into the Arabian Desert […]

The VHS as Monolith

This artwork, entitled VHS, stands over eight feet tall. It’s an enormous representation of a VHS copy of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. This sculpture was made by David Herbert in 2005. I felt gleeful when I saw first saw it. Like all teens of my generation, my friends and I would often […]