Beard Flyer

Here is a flyer I made for the Beard Ball, which is an event hosted by my friends at Build-A-Beard. One friend recently described my design work as ‘minimalist,’ and I think this design was in part a response to that. I have never thought of myself in those terms, but here are some things that run through my head often: 1) the Swiss design dictum that you should keep removing things from your design until you can’t remove anymore, 2) In its simplest terms, design should ‘say what it is.’ Kinda like how writing professors will teach you “show don’t tell.” In other words, I figured that a silhouetted beard with ball gown would not only be funny, but it would also say ‘Beard Ball’ in simple graphic language.

3 Responses to “Beard Flyer”

  1. Hi Dan,

    Nice post. I can’t tell you how many people have commented on “how cool” the flyer looks also mentioning that they “love” the color choices. The flyer really does pop. The play on the “beard” and the “ball” is genius.

    Thanks again for helping our event. It’s a great cause and super generous of you to bring it to visual life.

  2. Thanks, Riss! It was fun to work with you – and support the cause – as always.

  3. Hi Dan,

    I really like your flyer! How many hours did you spent on making this flyer?

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