Bolinas Surf Graffiti

Below are three photos of surf/movie graffiti that I took last week in Bolinas, California, followed by a photo of some Bolinas surfers. Can you name all three actors and films? The first two are easy…

I was hoping to surf while I was in Bolinas but the water temperature was too frigid to enter without a wetsuit. The winding cliffs of the coastal drive and the intoxicating aroma of the Eucalyptus trees made for an ultra-relaxing environment and Ryan’s birthday party was a smash hit (the sheriff himself shut down the late-night dance party, but I’m pretty sure he’s the only employee of that tiny town’s police department anyway, so who else would they send?).

I took a billion pictures in San Francisco. More to come soon.

Bolinas Graffiti
Frankenstein Graffiti
Bolinas Graffiti

Bolinas Surfing

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