Client Testimonial

“Dan Redding didn’t just redesign Five Chapters, he helped brand it and reinvent it. He’s a great partner because he works hard to understand the ideas and passions behind a project, then thinks and researches deeply to figure out how he can execute them. He simply does great work – and took Five Chapters a long, long way in a short period of time.” -David Daley, editor of Five Chapters online literary magazine

The above quote is a client testimonial about my work from David Daley, who hired me to design his logo and redesign his site early this year (visit Reading those words for the first time really made my day.

Many design portfolio sites feature a client testimonial or two, and I am proud to do so now, but it never used to be something that I considered to be my style. However, when I recently read one designer’s claim that the use of a testimonial on his site “literally doubled” the amount of potential clients who contacted him about work through his site, I gave it a second thought. I reached out to David because he was a great client and our work together resulted in what I still consider to be one of my most successful jobs of the year. I was worried that I might be imposing, but to my surprise, Dave responded to my inquiry within minutes, and wrote a testimonial that was way more than I could have asked for. Those three sentences are what every designer hopes to hear from a client. The testimonial is now proudly displayed on the (newly redesigned) ‘Info’ page at

Thanks, Dave!

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