‘Good Old Lower East Side’

This mosaic resides on the floor of La Bonne Bouffe, an Algerian restaurant and crêperie located at the corner of 2nd and B in Manhattan. I designed the restaurant’s menus, which are now available to view in my portfolio. The acronym ‘GOLES’ in the mosaic stands for ‘Good Old Lower East Side.’ According to La Bonne Bouffe owner Skander Belbekri, this mosaic was completed decades ago by an artist who installed similar mosaics free of charge around the city.

My first menu design was an exciting challenge. The design solution is tasteful and elegant, and we displayed an enormous amount of information on a variety of menus, including brunch, dinner, and takeout. For further menu design inspiration, check out this analysis of the menu design strategy at Balthazar.

I highly recommend the food at La Bonne Bouffe; Skander takes a great deal of pride in his fresh ingredients and mouth-watering entrees that deliver authentic French and Algerian recipes to New York appetites. View the menu design.

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