Hello, London

I will be in London from Tuesday until Sunday, and it’s one reason why this month has been an extraordinarily exciting one for me. I am a winner of the British Airways Face of Opportunity contest; I wrote a short essay about Magnetic State that was apparently well-received by BA’s judges panel. Those judges include, among others, Brad Gelfond (Senior Vice President of Warner Brothers Records) and Reid Hoffman (Executive Chairman and a co-founder of LinkedIn). I’m honored and very, very excited.

After learning about the trip, I launched into a very productive and exciting period of work. I ordered a batch of t-shirts to sell for charity, designed new promotional materials, made some studio upgrades, completed a great deal of work for clients, and more.

The BA events bring tremendous potential to meet new colleagues, clients, and friends. For the remainder of the trip, I’ll be writing a feature article for a popular online design publication, and also, hopefully, completing one or two features or interviews for publication right here.

So I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for projects to work on while in London, but after I received the initial news of the trip, I spent a while brainstorming various ways to make the most out of the entrepreneurial potential of this great business trip. Turns out I’m quite juvenile at heart, because most of the concepts I came up with were satirical ones, including a quest to snog the Queen (too difficult), a quest to snog Amy Winehouse (too easy), a shephard’s pie eating contest (versus myself), and a plan to compile a list of British slang terms. That last one is not a joke; I’ve already started on it. The first term on the list is “Clegg-over.” More on that soon.

Anyways, I think I did come up with a few clever ideas, so follow my work and my adventure throughout the week on my Twitter page.

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