Logo and Website for Shannon Grey Williams

I am proud to present an awesome new project I just wrapped up: the logo design and responsive portfolio site for makeup artist Shannon Grey Williams. Visit shannongreywilliams.com

Shannon’s logo reflects her love of royal and regal imagery (both monograms and crowns emerged from our research of historical references). Shannon’s request that we create something “historical with a modern twist” led me to modernize the logo into the sleek, streamlined simplicity that’s evident in the finished result.

When it came time to design Shannon’s portfolio site, I chose to use WordPress to accommodate the large number of portfolio items (60+ images) and allow for easy updating in the future. The site is responsive – it will correspond to the screen size of your tablet, iPhone, walkman, abacus, or whatever else you display it on. And most importantly for a portfolio site, it puts the beautiful photographs of Shannon’s work in the spotlight and gives them the room to shine.

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  1. I really like the design and that you made it responsive. I think for her work it’s very important to see her pictures on a very easy way, like you did. Also the usability is very high, so well done, very nice work!

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