London Recap

Some of the art & design ephemera I collected during my trip.

So I recently returned from a trip to London which was an extraordinary experience. I will soon be publishing a feature-length article on London design in a great publication and I will also be publishing my interview with illustrator and designer Rob Lowe a.k.a Supermundane right here. Until then, I have compiled some of the most relevant tweets (posts from my Twitter page) from my trip below (they are listed chronologically in descending order, so my trip begins at the top). For me, these tweets serve as a timeline and diary or the events I attended and the people I met. The trip began with British Airways business events in New York and London. After those events ended, I began working on my article and attending London museums, galleries, and London Design Festival events. More news soon!

Dreamt I was in high school but we all had psychic powers. WB dream. On the way to JFK now. 6:24 AM Sep 15th from Echofon

Back from the BA champagne reception. Every industry is represented here, from finance to puppetry, viral video to chocolate 7:33 PM Sep 15th from Echofon

British Airways event speakers have included Mayor of London and BA CEO. Wow 5:23 AM Sep 16th from Echofon

Worst idea, on London billboard: “Insane in the Brain: a Street Dance Version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” 7:13 AM Sep 16th from Echofon

Just spent two hours drawing Seurat’s bathers in the National Gallery. Totally relaxing and gratifying. 9:28 AM Sep 16th from Echofon

“Domestic business is extinct.” Web business is inherently international. (notes from this morning’s BA lectures) 12:31 PM Sep 16th from Echofon

“The real test of of a business is commitment to positive change – even during hard times.”12:32 PM Sep 16th from Echofon

“The answer to this issue is science.” Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham on climate change. 12:35 PM Sep 16th from Echofon

He went on to say that Industrial nations like USA and UK should lead the way on fixing climate change cuz we got rich causing it. I agree 12:38 PM Sep 16th from Echofon – London sky, Trafalgar Square 12:03 AM Sep 17th from TwitPic

Walking along the Thames. The sound of bagpipes off in the distance, occassionally smothered by the wind 5:11 AM Sep 17th from Echofon

Permanent collection at Design Museum is “unavailable at the moment”! Lame! Weak! Boo! 5:36 AM Sep 18th from Echofon

Ironically, best thing in their ‘Super Contemporary’ show is not contemporary work but multimedia timeline of Britain design eras past 5:40 AM Sep 18th from Echofon – ‘Nine’ by Guerra de la Paz, Saatchi Gallery, London 7:26 AM Sep 18th from TwitPic – This piece by Yi Hwankwon got the strongest reactions in Saatchi. Dizzying to view in person 7:28 AM Sep 18th from TwitPic

interviewed the talented Rob Lowe aka Supermundane. Great time, can’t thank him enough, can’t wait to publish! 12:08 PM Sep 18th from Echofon

Just met some of the friendly people at @theincidental Looking forward to more London Design Festival events today & tomorrow! #incidental 7:44 AM Sep 19th from Echofon

At Victoria & Albert Museum, they are handing out paper, asking visitors to draw, and actually putting results on display! Such a great idea 8:47 AM Sep 19th from Echofon

Just met some very nice photographers at a show at Foundry in Shoreditch! They were kind enough to give me some quotes. Many thanks 4:32 PM Sep 19th from Echofon

Last day in London! Race to visit two more shows. Met so many cool people. This has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life 3:22 AM Sep 20th from Echofon – My Seurat drawing fom National Gallery 3:38 AM Sep 20th from TwitPic

Splurged on art books in Tate Britain. Guide recommended Hogarth paintings of “bawdy scenes of London” 5:30 AM Sep 20th from Echofon

Finally got to see Pentagram/LDF ‘London Posters’ display after their postponed opening! It was worth the wait; beautiful work. Bold designs 7:20 AM Sep 20th from Echofon

One highlight is a print by Morag Myerscough, reading LONDON BORN LONDON BRED UNTIL I DIE AND THEN I’M DEAD 7:23 AM Sep 20th from Echofon

After running around all week, now feeling a satisfying sense of completion about my work here. Ready to write my article. 7:26 AM Sep 20th from Echofon

What if there was a generation of people that stopped global warming and you went down in history as one of their leaders? 10:46 PM Sep 20th from Echofon

Francis Bacon postcards: way too gruesome to send to Grandma. Do you send them to your worst enemy? 12:55 PM Sep 20th from Echofon

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