My Faux Rockwell

Rockwell reproduction by yours truly

I stumbled across this in an old sketchbook today and just had to put it online because I still feel very affectionate for it. This is a (skewed, poorly lit) photo of an oil painting that I did in college. The assignment, given to students in the Illustration Department at Parsons School of Design by the legendarily skilled and bawdy illustrator Alan Reingold, was to duplicate an oil painting by a famous artist.

I chose a Norman Rockwell painting (see Rockwell’s original here) in which I saw a whimsical concept and challenging photorealism. The last time I saw my version of the painting, it was in Dad’s basement somewhere, but I’d love to find it and frame it because it remains one of my favorite paintings I’ve ever done, despite the unoriginal subject matter. It represents a time when I was drawing and painting all day every day and learning all the time. I still work hard and learn always, but I rarely paint anymore, and, well, I’m a nostalgic sap, okay? There, I said it (as if it wasn’t already obvious enough by the fact that I chose to emulate a Rockwell).

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  1. I remember this. I found it incredibly impressive at the time and still do.

  2. Thank you, Becky! I really appreciate that.

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