New Work: Planet Booty

This design is as deliciously excessive as the music and aesthetic of Planet Booty. The image, which is more complex than your average logo, is perhaps best described as a large-format banner that will work best at large scales: behind the band onstage, or perhaps emblazoned on the sides of a fleet of blimps.

If you are familiar with my work, you may be familiar with the brothers Germick. I’ve interviewed Ryan here before and collaborated with the rest of the gang on many absurdly fun projects. This time around, we’ve been collaborating on web and logo projects for their funky and frolicsome musical project, Planet Booty. Below, you can see Dylan and Nathan Germick in an amusing promo/justification video for Planet Booty’s performance on September 11th (notice how the plastic blue head from their album cover makes a cameo in most scenes). Visit Germart for more about this gang of Germicks, whose talents and rump puns know no bounds.

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