‘Part or Execution’ Album Cover

I designed the album packaging for Boots Factor’s debut solo album, Part or Execution (Boots is well-known for his work in Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers). I designed the cover with photography by wisecracking cigarette enthusiast Sean Hutcheon.

We had a great time working on this project. After Boots and I discussed the theme of mannequins, I called around to a variety of mannequin factories and warehouses and got ignored or turned down by most of them. Finally, I found a gracious factory manager who allowed us to conduct a shoot in a cavernous warehouse located way out in the sphincter of Brooklyn. We rescheduled after the factory closed for an early February blizzard, but finally made it there shortly thereafter. I think the location exceeded all of our expectations; the space was loaded with boxes of hands, aisles of mannequins, and all kinds of interesting environments. Thanks to Boots and Sean. Listen to Part or Execution at iTunes. Here are some alternate shots from our photography shoot.

2 Responses to “‘Part or Execution’ Album Cover”

  1. Great work Dan! And this shoot was a lot of fun. I suppose not using the shots of me with the mannequins I would equate with a director not using one of his favorite scenes in a movie due to time constraints. We all loved the shots of me with those fake plastic women, but the hands on the ground shot cut through everything…

  2. The mannequin thing is a pretty interesting concept… nothing I’m surprised about coming from Boots or anything. And like Boots said… great work! It turned out cool.

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