Proof Pudding Identity

Proof Pudding is “the ultimate blog of food and proof.” Having designed the original logo and site a few years back, I decided it was time for a refresh. The new logo (above) is a bold stamp of approval emphasizing the concept of ‘proof’: when site author The Proofmeister grants a recipe or restaurant with his approval, that’s Proof.

The identity carries over to a series of header banners I designed – which now rotate on every page load. The banners (thumbnails below) feature the site’s logo, title, and slogan emblazoned over bold close-up photos of food. Proof!






2 Responses to “Proof Pudding Identity”

  1. i think we need to get majeska a rubber stamp with this logo. it would be very satisfying to see him slam down approval authoritatively at all restaurants deems proof positive

  2. We have that already sump- the official seal of proof!

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