Responsive Features for Men’s Health & Women’s Health

We recently launched two new feature article designs that I developed for Men’s Health and Women’s Health. The articles are Why We’re Born to Judge and The Truth About Medical Marijuana. I handled the web design and development for both web pages. The pages were envisioned by the awesome creative director I work with at Rodale, who sought special online treatments for the work done by our photographers, print designers, writers and editors.

These two web pages are responsive designs, which means that they will change size and layout to correspond to the device or browser you are using (check out my recent blog post about responsive design for Command C). These designs also employ a contemporary web design element called parallax layout – which refers to the scrolling background images that give segments of the page a cinematic feel. In addition to responsive and parallax features, we’ve got @font-face web typography, CSS drop caps, and more! I’m very happy with how these projects turned out, so please check out the articles and share them online!


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