Ryan, Marcin, and PAC-MAN

Above is a video of my friends Ryan (right) and Marcin (left) being interviewed at CBS News about the (massive) success of their PAC-MAN homepage for Google (the page has been permanently installed here). PAC-MAN’s success last Friday resulted in the highest traffic EVER at Google.com! Astounding.

On a technical note, Marcin’s technique for coding the PAC-MAN game is clever and intelligent “next level shit” (as Ryan likes to say). The lightweight code (all HTML, CSS, and Javascript) allows the game to be rendered entirely in-browser. This comes as no surprise because Google is designing the future of the web to include in-browser applications and programs (here’s a the New York Times report on Google’s web-centric future). Imagine using Photoshop (or an equivalent) within your browser by simply visiting a domain. Marcin’s PAC-MAN code is lightweight and sleek. To save browser load time, the game utilizes one single image (which includes the game boards and the variation images of PAC-MAN and the different ghosts within it). Then, the game uses CSS sprites that use tiny DIVs to call for select areas of that image. The images are then distributed for Javascript use throughout the game. Next level shit indeed.

Ryan is a great friend, former classmate, and interview subject of mine. Many congrats to both of these talented guys on their successes! It’s exciting to see friends knock a project out of the park like that.

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