“The King of New York Ultimate Kick-Ass Basketball Tat”

Back in 2009, a friend of mine asked me to illustrate a tattoo that he described as “The King of New York Ultimate Kick-Ass Basketball Tat.” I was shocked when he told me what he had in mind: he said that it would have a basketball wearing a crown as the centerpiece, and surrounding that would be majestic lions and the World Trade Center and King Kong scaling the Empire and, obviously, the Himalayas. After I stopped laughing, I started drawing. Three years later and the tattoo has been inked. Below is a photo and an excerpt from the original brief. Move over Frank White, there’s a new King in town.

Design Brief: The King of New York Ultimate Kick Ass Basketball Tat

  1. 2 majestic lions
  2. the Brooklyn more pref. Williamsburg bridge
  3. world trade center
  4. basketball (on fire or not)
  6. crucifix???
  7. Shamrock???
  8. Empire st. building
  9. Kong?
  10. Crown
  11. HUGE possibly japanese magestic mountain w snow and clouds

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