The Ones I Like to Wear When I Rock the Mic

During my art class yesterday, we listened to RUN DMC’s classic song ‘My Adidas’ and then discussed it. Last night, following the class, I literally dreamt about shopping for Adidas sneakers (the sneakers in my dream were elaborate, colorful Adidas sneaker-boots; I realize now that this was influenced by a scene about Lemmy‘s boots in the documentary I watched about him this week). This struck me as profoundly successful promotion, and got me wondering what kind of endorsement deal they signed. According to one source, “The hip-hop group’s song ‘My Adidas’ garnered a $1.5 million endorsement deal in 1986, and 19 years later, the partnership is still going strong.” Considering that this is the first time I can recall a promotional message leading directly to a dream about purchasing a product, I don’t think any sponsorship price tag could be high enough.

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  1. Mind control! Amazing.

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