Why You Need a Responsive Website

Responsive design is the modern and future-friendly way to create websites that look good across all devices and platforms. If you’re creating a website for the first time, or if your business is using a standard desktop website that was created before the proliferation of mobile and tablet devices, then responsive is likely the solution for you.

For further definition on the term, here’s the description that Time magazine used when it launched its responsive redesign: “All the pages of the website will now automatically resize to fit all computer and mobile-device screens.” To see a responsive design in action, check out this resizable demo.


The bottom line is this: responsive web design is good for business. Ensuring that your site provides a pleasant user interaction on any device means extending a welcoming hand to all users. That means your audience is more likely to interact with your site, follow its calls to action, proceed to checkout, and more. Upgrading to responsive design can dramatically increase conversion rates (that’s the conversion of casual site visitors into users who are performing primary site functions like making a purchase or filling out a form). Some brands that made the transition have enjoyed an increase in conversion rates of up to 100%. That’s huge.

Here at Magnetic State, we know responsive. Recent responsive web designs include a complete magazine CMS for Coldfront, a custom feature article for Women’s Health, and a WordPress artist’s portfolio. Contact us to upgrade your existing site, or to create a new one that will work wonders for business. Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll discuss your needs.

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